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Carrie Tobias

Meet Recruiter Deputy Carrie Tobias

I started my career with the Dane County Sheriff's Office on July 17, 2017 at the age of 24 years old. Law enforcement interested me because I wanted to break the barrier that women face in a male-dominated career field as well as to make a positive change in my community.

From the start, I have tried to be as involved in my agency as I possibly can. I am a member of the Gala Committee, Cultural Committee, Jail Intel Unit and the Community Outreach Resources Education (CORE) Committee. While working in the Jail, I was a Jail Training Officer as well as a Mentor to new deputies. I recently became an instructor for our agency's law enforcement and jail academies. After working in the DCJ for three years, I was given the opportunity to become the Diversity Recruiter for the Dane County Sheriff's Office. With this position, I utilize social media, community outreach, career fairs and more to recruit good people to our agency. This position gives me so much joy being able to interact with the community and meet my newest coworkers. 

In the future, I hope to work up the supervisory ladder and improve the Dane County Sheriff's Office from the inside out. 

In my personal life, I am "zookeeper" to an array of pets, run a restaurant with my partner, and enjoy everything and anything involving design. 

Feel free to contact me at anytime, I am more than happy to set up a facility tour or office visit.

Jonathan Triggs

Meet Lieutenant Jonathan Triggs

I joined the Dane County Sheriff’s Office as a Deputy in May of 2000.  As a deputy, I have been assigned to the jail, task force, recruiter, jail diversion, community deputy, detective, and crisis negotiator.  In November of 2015, I was promoted to the rank of sergeant, where I was responsible for mentoring, developing, and supervising new deputies.  In December of 2017, I was promoted to my current rank of lieutenant, where I was an officer in charge, a deputy jail administrator, and currently a precinct commander.

As a lieutenant, I oversee our Peer Support program, which supports the mental wellbeing of deputies and their families.  I also command our Crisis Negotiation Team, which supports our Tactical Response Team.

During my time as sergeant at the Sheriff’s Office, I returned to school and obtained my Masters in Divinity in 2014 and, later, my Masters in Licensed Professional Counseling in 2019, where I am currently a National Certified Counselor (NCC).

On a personal note, I am the father of three wonderful young men.  I enjoy music, traveling, and being outdoors.

Brenda S3

Meet Jail Clerk Brenda Xiong

I’ve been with the Sheriff’s Office since March of 2020 and my current role consists of many various tasks such as coordinating and monitoring movement of staff in multiple buildings, processing  high volume of complex transactions related to resident intake, property, and visitation, and conduct background and warrant checks; schedule, manage, and monitor jail conference rooms.

The DCSO has many benefits and opportunities for growth within the department even on the civilian level. I am currently in the process of transitioning to a Jail Clerk position with the Sheriff’s Office which has a more clerical aspect in regards to booking and intake. This is the first job I’ve had where I can say that I’ve only worked 9 days in the past month and still have 2 weeks of vacation time left to use which has been great.

A little background on me, I grew up in North Carolina, and eventually made my way to Wisconsin in 2016 where I worked with TSA for a about a year. I’ve worked with multiple police departments and have held many civilian positions such as Animal Service Officer, Parking Enforcer, Fleet maintenance, Dispatcher, Ranger, etc with multiple departments. In my free time I am out exploring state parks with my dog (German Shepherd/Husky), traveling, reading, or trying to find the best Asian restaurant in town.

If you have any questions about civilian roles with the Sheriff’s Office please feel free to reach out to me at

Deputy Scott Herrem

Meet Community Deputy Scott Herrem

In November 2001, I joined the Sheriff's Office as a civilian Security Support Specialist. In that position, I was able to observe the tasks of deputies and decided I wanted to join up. I was sworn in as a Deputy Sheriff in the Fall of 2003. In my career as a deputy, I have been assigned to the jail, Task Force, patrol, child support enforcement and Family Court Commissioner Bailiff. I am currently assigned as a community deputy working out of the DCSO West Precinct.

A community deputy has a wide variety of job duties. I am involved with community events and presentations. I am a liaison to our local schools and the Office of School Safety. I also investigate sensitive crimes.  I assist citizens who need mental health and other critical social services.  I also back up our patrol deputies as needed.

I have worked as a Recruiter for the Sheriff's Office, which afforded me the opportunity to travel throughout the Upper Midwest.

On a personal note, I have made an effort to increase my fitness to become healthier and to be a better deputy. In 2008-2009, I lost over 110 pounds and I was one of Anytime Fitness’ member of the year.  I am a father to two daughters and a step-dad to another daughter and son. I enjoy working out, music, travel, exploring our state parks and all the local festivals.

Deputy Herrera

Meet Deputy Berenice Herrera

I joined the Dane County Sheriff’s Office in January of 2016. After completing jail training, I worked second shift in the jail for 4 ½ years. While working in the jail, I was a Jail Training Officer. After only a few months of moving from second shift jail to task force, I got a full time patrol position by the end of September 2020. I am assigned to the West precinct covering the William 1 beat, which covers the Towns of Westport, Roxbury, Dane and Vienna.

I am a member of the Cultural Committee and have participated in many community policing-oriented events helping the communities we serve.  Working for DCSO has given me a wide variety of life and work experiences and with all the opportunities you have, there is always something new and different you can do.

A little bit about me, I am originally from Durango, Mexico. I grew up in Mexico and moved to Wisconsin with my family when I was 12 years old. I have two daughters and a 3-year-old son. Our family loves road trips, outdoor activities and gardening.

Deputy Michelle Vinney

Meet Contract Deputy Michelle Viney

I've been with DCSO since 2005. I'm a "late bloomer" to this career. Watching the heroes, the first responders, on 9/11 had a HUGE impact on me. I was inspired to follow my lifelong dream of being in law enforcement. I returned to college taking night classes while working full-time. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.

What attracted me to the Dane County Sheriff's Office was the variety of assignments available both long and short-term. I have had the opportunity to do the following: Recruiter, Special Events Team, Jail Training Officer, new-hire Mentor, Task Force, Background Investigator, Academy Instructor, Jail Diversion, Patrol, and I’m currently a Contract Deputy with the Village of Black Earth. 

When I’m not at work I’m probably outside doing something. I love camping, kayaking, snow shoeing, hiking, boating, golfing, driving our UTV on trails.


Meet Security Support Specialist Tiffany Derden

I started my Journey at the Dane County Sheriff's Office on July 6, 2020.

Prior to working at the DCSO, I was a Firefighter/EMT-B, CPR Instructor and an apprentice at an explosives company. 

I enjoy the work I do at Dane County. Each day offers a new/different experience. As a Security Support Specialist, I work in a multitude of areas within the Dane County Jail: Booking which is responsible for photographs ("mug shots") and fingerprints of newly arrested persons, Property which does intake and release of resident's personal belongins, Visitation which is responsible for monitoring the visitation of residents and checking people in for these personal or professional visits, and Central Control which, simply put, we get everyone from point A to B.

Outside of work, I love all things football, a good book and the occasional shenanigans!


Meet Detective Dritan Lazami

I was born in the city of Kërçova (Kicevo in Macedonian), Republic of Macedonia, where I lived until 2011. I am ethnic Albanian and my native language is Albanian. In 2000, I graduated from the Police High School in the City of Shkup (Skopje), Macedonia, and in 2004 I received my Bachelor’s Degree, in Macedonia as well. From 2001 until 2011 I was a Peace Officer in Macedonia. During this period I performed different tasks and was promoted to several supervisory positions to include: Leader of Sector (Equivalent to Sergeant), Commander of a Police Station, Assistant Chief of Police Department, and Upper Inspector for illicit trafficking of weapons, drugs, and explosives. During my time as a Peace Officer in Macedonia, I was involved in the implementation of the Community Policing Concept and I participated, as well as lead, several community policing initiatives and projects. I am fluent in Albanian, English, and Macedonian, and I am proficient in Serbo-Croatian and Bulgarian.

I moved to live to the US in 2011 and I’ve been with the Sheriff’s Office since September of 2013. During my time with the Sheriff’s Office, I have participated in several community activities organized by our Office as well as other local organizations. I am member of our Cultural Committee, I am also a member of our Special Events Team (SET).

On a personal note,  I am also a member of the board of the Albanian-American Community of Wisconsin, located in Madison. I am also Trustee for Wisconsin for the American Albanian Law Enforcement Association.  I am married and I am father of two teenage children: a daughter and a son. We live in the City of Madison and we love being part of this community.