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With a proud history of over 175 years of service, the Dane County Sheriff's Office is looking for communication-oriented individuals of diverse backgrounds to join our team. We are a community-based Law Enforcement agency of over 450 sworn staff and over 120 professional staff. 

The Dane County Sheriff's Office offers multiple opportunities for career growth. With our jail facilities, patrol precincts, special teams and more, we are confident there is a spot for you on our team. Apply to the Dane County Sheriff's Office and start your law enforcement career today. 

If you are a certified Law Enforcement Officer in Wisconsin, we offer a very generous hiring package which gives you credit for your service!  


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Sheriff Barrett


The Dane County Sheriff's Office has extremely talented employees who are able to showcase their knowledge at our agency. Each person has different backgrounds, amazing talents, and ambitious goals. See who we are, and why you belong at the Dane County Sheriff's Office. 

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The DCSO has pledged to increase recruitment, retention and the promotion of women in policing. The 30×30 Initiative is a coalition of police leaders, researchers, and professional organizations who have joined together to advance the representation and experiences of women in all ranks of policing across the United States. Our ultimate goal is to increase the representation of women in police recruit classes to at least 30% by 2030, and to ensure police policies and culture intentionally support the success of qualified women officers throughout their careers. With our already 22% sworn women officers, we have no doubt that we will supersede our goal. Join our team to make this happen and help us properly represent the community we serve! 30×30 Initiative:

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The opportunities at the Dane County Sheriff's Office are endless. You can create a new path for yourself within our agency. Aside from your current assignment, a deputy with the Dane County Sheriff's Office can be a part of our many Special Teams. 


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