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Deputy Sheriff

Dane County Sheriff's Office is actively recruiting for the position of Deputy Sheriff. The Sheriff's Office hires about 30 to 40 Deputies annually and accepts applications year-round. Vacant positions currently exist and more are anticipated throughout the year.


Before embarking on a career as a Deputy Sheriff, ask yourself the following questions to see if you have what it takes.

  1. Can I make good, quick decisions with little information, and are the results almost always successful?
  2. When things get stressful do I keep moving towards my goal?
  3. Do I have effective communication skills?
  4. Do I enjoy digging into problems to determine what is going on and develop a solution?
  5. Am I open-minded towards others who are different than me and can I make unbiased diplomatic decisions?
  6. Am I an honest, ethical, and dependable worker?
  7. Am I a team player?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you may have what it takes to become a Deputy Sheriff.

As a Deputy Sheriff, you may be asked to perform various tasks including:

  • Supervision of jail residents
  • Patrol
  • Traffic enforcement
  • Criminal investigations
  • Court bailiff
  • Serving warrants and civil papers
  • Crime lab technician
  • Training

Deputy Sheriff Minimum Qualifications

  • Be a United States citizen at the time of appointment
  • Be at least 21-years-old upon appointment
  • High school graduate, or equivalent
  • Have a minimum of two years of full-time school, employment or military experience
  • Have a minimum of a 2-year college degree or 60 college credits by your 5 year anniversary
    (This is a state of Wisconsin requirement. There is currently a proposed amendment to the WI statutes which would eliminate this grace period for education and make 60 college credits a mandatory requirement for new law enforcement officers.)
  • Be eligible for a valid Wisconsin Driver's license and be licensed by date of appointment

Law Enforcement Recruit Academy Minimum Physical Readiness Standards

(To gain entrance into the academy if you are not already certified.)

  • 1.5 mile run in 20:20 minutes or less
  • 300 meter run in 82 seconds or less
  • 18 push-ups
  • 24 sit-ups
  • Vertical jump of 11.5 inches minimum
  • Agility run in 23.4 seconds or less

Dane County Sheriff's Office is searching for intelligent individuals with sound judgment and unquestionable integrity who come from diverse backgrounds. We are looking for leaders with strength of character who possess compassion, communication skills, and a dedication to public service and betterment of your community.

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