Deputy Salary

Starting Pay as of 2018 contract
$50,498/ year

2 Years
Earn an educational incentive of:
12% w/ 60 college credits
18% w/ Bachelor's degree

5 Years
60 college credits and longevity = $61,983
Bachelor's degree and longevity = $65,217

Top Deputy Pay
60 college credits and 12% longevity = $74,015
Bachelor's degree and 18% longevity = $77,596

Additional benefits include a 37.5 hour work week. Within your first year of service you may earn up to 12.5 paid holidays, up to 10 vacations days and 8 hours of paid sick leave per month.

Senior Deputies may earn up to 25 paid vacation days. You are also eligible to earn compensatory time off. Additionally, you will receive an annual uniform allowance and shift differential pay of up to .80 cents per hour.

Employees participate in group health insurance with little or no co-pay, dental, life and disability insurance. Deputies also participate in the State of Wisconsin Retirement system which is consistently rated as one of the best retirement plans in the nation.