Questions to Ask Yourself

If you meet the basic qualifications to become a member of Dane County Sheriff's Office, here is a quick quiz to see if you have a bit more of what it takes. Answer the following questions for the purpose of self evaluation.

This is not part of the formal application process. The quiz is a way to help you determine whether you possess the qualities necessary to be part of our team.

  1. Can I make good, quick decisions with little information and often have successful results?
  2. When things get stressful, do I tend to keep moving along towards the goal?
  3. Am I capable of using force against another person?
  4. Do I enjoy digging into to problems to find out the details of what occurred and determining an outcome?
  5. Am I open minded towards others and can I make unbiased, diplomatic decisions?
  6. Am I honest, ethical and a dependable worker?
  7. Am I a team player?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you may have what it takes to become a Deputy Sheriff.

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