Interview & Evaluation

Panel Interview

Following a passing score on the exam, Dane County will invite top scoring candidates to a panel interview. If you are a top-scoring candidate, you will be notified through the U.S. Mail or by telephone of your interview time and place. A panel of Sheriff's Office personnel will interview you.

The interview will consist of a series of questions, which focus on assessing essential personal qualities necessary to perform the duties of a deputy sheriff. A panel interview is not intended to cause the applicant stress. Having multiple assessors allows for a more objective assessment of your skills. It is not necessary that you have law enforcement related training or experience in order to do well in this process.

Those candidates receiving a passing score on the panel interview will be ranked according to a combined oral and written test scores. A maximum of 25 candidates will be placed on the eligibility list. Candidates on the eligibility list may be considered for vacancies that occur during the following 12 months.

As vacancies occur, eligible candidates will be notified whether they will advance to the background process.

Background Investigation

A Dane County Sheriff's Office Investigator will conduct a thorough investigation into the character and background of the candidate. Included in this investigation will be a meeting with the Investigator. The candidate will have the opportunity to review their application, provide documents and discuss discrepancies that may have come up.

Psychological and Medical Evaluation

Selected candidates will be invited to participate in a psychological and medical evaluation. In addition, they will be asked to submit to drug screening. In some cases, the candidate may be asked to participate in a follow-up oral psychological interview. The candidate must meet the standards set by Dane County Sheriff's Office to continue with the hiring process.