Classification and Hearing Specialist


The position of Hearing and Classification Specialist was established to deal with the complexities of an increasing jail population. One of the primary responsibilities of this position is to determine appropriate housing assignments for inmates. Classification and Hearing Specialists also conduct disciplinary hearings when violations of jail rules occur. 

In this position, you will complete risk assessments, assign inmates to housing units, review jail rule violation reports, conduct disciplinary hearings, make findings of guilty or not guilty and recommend discipline. You may also petition the Court for the review of an inmate's status. 

This job will require you to establish and maintain positive relationships with inmates, staff (both within the Sheriff's Office and with staff from other Criminal Justice agencies) and the public. It will challenge you to remain impartial throughout the disciplinary hearing process. It will require you to be thorough in completing a variety of assessments. 

Employment Standards

In order to be hired as a Hearing and Classification Specialist, you must have graduated from an accredited four year college or university with an emphasis on Criminal Justice or related field. Desirable work experience for this position would include one or more years of work within a jail or correctional facility. 

Successful candidates will have to pass an extensive background investigation.