Security Support Specialist

sheriff aide

The position of Security Support Specialist was created in 1994, when the Public Safety Building opened. The purpose of this position was to assist in the day to day operations of the jail. Since the opening of the new Courthouse in 2005, additional positions have been added.

There are several technical tasks that the Security Support Specialists perform such as finger printing and photographing inmates, the operation of contact and non-contact visitation, controlling movement of Inmates, Deputies and Civilians within the building, controlling movement of emergency response through out the jail and controlling access to Initial Appearance Court and Inmate movement within the Courthouse.

In addition to these tasks, Security Support Specialists also inventory and manage inmate property, inventory and manage Sheriff's Office supplies and equipment and complete reports.

As a Security Support Specialist, you will be trained in the operation computer equipment, touch screen security control systems, digital fingerprint equipment and photographic equipment. Your training will prepare you for the challenges of working within a corrections facility.

Security Support Specialists work rotating schedules and provide continuous 24 hour coverage.

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