Endless Opportunities

Why should you work at Dane County Sheriff's Office? You thrive on being challenged and interacting with diverse people with unique perspectives, who are at the top of their game. You seek new opportunities and embrace change.

We employ men and women who represent many cultures, ethnic backgrounds, and lifestyles. We are made up of people from diverse educational and professional backgrounds. We pride ourselves on service to the community and try to reflect the community we serve.

As an agency that has nearly doubled in size in the last 15 years, the Dane County Sheriff's Office is ever evolving. With over 456 sworn and over 120 non-sworn personnel, we are the largest Law Enforcement agency in Dane County.

This combination of diversity and size allows you the power to re-invent yourself without leaving the organization. Unlike most police agencies, the Dane County Sheriff's Office offers opportunities for you to work in a multitude of assignments, throughout your career. In addition to varied work assignments and opportunities to be a part of a special team, there are many promotional opportunities for those who are interested in advancing.

Whether you pursue your career as a deputy sheriff or one of our non-sworn positions, your opportunities are truly endless.  Many join our agency in non-sworn capacities and choose to advance within non-sworn opportunities.