Entry Level Positions

sulaimanAfter completing the initial training, your first assignment will be working in the jail.   Jail assignments are not a dull 9- to-5 shift,  nor is it the fast paced out of control job depicted in many of the glamorous T.V. shows and movies. With a population about 1000 inmates, you will encounter people from all walks of life including those who are mentally ill, drug and alcohol dependent or people who just made poor choices. You will be challenged both mentally and physically and will have time to hone your skills.

This job will also introduce you to a variety of working environments ranging from a traditional linear jail to a direct supervision pod style facility. Deputies are rotated throughout the facilities on a regular basis. They have opportunities to work with all of the other deputies assigned to their shift, developing a cohesive team.

Every deputy has the opportunity to work extra duty assignments including Coliseum/Expo Center, special traffic details, and supplemental employment. 


Beyond the call of duty

You may decide to challenge yourself further by becoming a member of one of our ten special teams. Opportunities are available for deputies to be a member of a special team, regardless of their primary duty assignment. These teams offer specialized training opportunities that will prepare you for situations above and beyond your day to day assignment.