Building a Career

communityAfter an average of 6 years in the jail, based on your interests and ambitions, you may choose to transfer to Field Services and work with the Patrol Division. In this position, you could work out of one of three precincts, patrolling one of over 14 beats on 4 shifts. By the time a deputy transfers to another assignment, they leave their jail assignment with a reputation that follows them throughout their career.

Since all Deputies are considered equal in many regards, if you are trained in a specific assignment, you may work that assignment. As a result, you may work a variety of assignments soon after you begin, such as Bailiff, Conveyances, Expo Center and Coliseum, or hospital guard.

We also have a number of opportunities for special assignments including Community Deputy, Contract Deputy, Support Enforcement, Freeway Service Patrol, Recruiter, Background Investigator and Jail Diversion, These positions have a special selection process where deputies can submit a letter of interest.   


Promotional Opportunities


There are numerous opportunities for promotion for both sworn and civilian personnel.  Security Services offers promotions to the rank of D-III (Booking Deputy).  Executive Services offers a promotion to D-III (Training Deputy). Field Services offers a promotion to DIII (Marine and Trail Enforcement) and D-IV (Detective). Support Services offers a promotion to DIII (Court Officer) and D-IV (Crime Scene Investigator or Civil Executions).

There are also promotional opportunities to in all divisions to supervisory personnel. Currently, we have thirty Sergeants, fifteen Lieutenants, four Captains and a Chief Deputy.

Deputies are eligible for applying for promotion to DIII or DIV after 2 years of service. Deputies must complete 4 years of service to be eligible to apply for promotion to Sergeant. Application for promotion to the rank of Lieutenant requires attainment to the rank of Sergeant

For non-sworn personnel, there are opportunities for promotion from Clerk I-II to Clerk III and Clerk IV, Booking Clerk, Account Clerk II and III and supervisory position of Administrative Services Manager. Non-sworn personnel also have opportunities to apply for promotional positions throughout other departments in county government.